72G Bowfront For Sale in Mesa


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So after getting out of animal rescue then getting married and starting a new job I've decided to get out of Saltwater. I need space for my 120g FW tank so this one has to go. Its a 72g Bowfront with a black stand similar to this one but with a glass top. This does have a built in overflow as well.

The only problem with the tank itself is that the Center Brace snapped. I did a temp fix but I'd suggest getting a new plastic trim or putting in a glass brace and securing it with silicone.

If someone wants to buy this whole I'd sell the tank stand power head Skimmer Sump LR and LS for $400 otherwise we can entertain offers for everything.

Parts list:
72G Bowfront with stand $150
Reef Octopus PS2000 $150
Hydor Koralia Powerhead $40
10g Baffled Sump $15
Mag 5 Return Pump $45
~100 lbs LS $2/LB
~75 lbs LR $2/LB

I'll take some pictures later today when I get home from work and hopefully will have photos of the setup.
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Sorry about the delay apparently taking photos was harder then I thought so here's a quick picture. The lights are not included as they are going on my 120g tank. I'll pull out all the equipment and get photos of everything on Wednesday if there is any interest.