75 gallon or 125 gallon for newbie?


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What tank size would you recommend to someone that has never kept a reef aquarium or saltwater aquarium for that matter. I know that I want to do a reef but just can't decide if I want to do a 75 gallon or the 4x2x2 120 or 125 gallon. What do you guys and gals think?


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I have had 4 saltwater tanks in the past...125, 45, 30 and 10. The 125 is by far the easiest to manage. and it just looks grand in the living room :) Got rid of the smaller 3 and just have the 125 gallon now.


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If you can might as well just go as big as possible so 125. It really boils down to money a 125 is going to cost a bit more than a 75 either way both sizes are good to start with


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125 would be much better and not much harder. The only downfall would be cost. Double the start up cost and double addition to monthly electric bill. My 75 is around 50 bucks a month on the low side.

But if u have higher budget then 150 would be best :)


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if this is your first SW tank, i would go with the 75g. it is big enough to have a stability, yet small enough to be somewhat affordable. plus, once you get the hang out it, you can always upgrade in the future.

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I would look into what fish you like. Not plan on because you will end up wanting what you just like now and will have to upgrade like the rest of us.

Basically, if you want almost any tang, you will have to have the 125 (or larger for a few).