75 sps dedicated eventually.. calcium reactor??


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plan on getting into dedicated sps in my 75.. im not sure to the extent of how big or how much will be in it but let says medium-full stocked.. do you think a calcium reactor would be in need heree?? obviously its nice to have, but if i dont need it i dont want to bother.. generally i see them on the larger tanks at least 125 and over i mean.. in my size will not enough calcium and alk and such be taken in to need a calcium reactor or what is your opinion.. thanks

old salty

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It really depends. Some SPS grow faster than others, some salts are notoriously low in calcium, higher alkalinity can result in faster growth which consumes more calcium, how many water changes per month and the volume of each change, and so forth. I have a 125g SPS and don't add anything; just 10% weekly water changes.