75g shallow tank FS


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This is a 48x24x16" UNS (Ultum Nature Systems). It's usually a company used for planted tanks. What's cool is these tanks are low iron glass on all sides, so I drilled it externally with a MD (L) overflow box.
Tank: 1/2 low iron glass. Mitered 45 degree seams. This turned out to be awesome. The clear silicone stays clear and you have litte access to a seam on the inside.

Overflow. MarineDepot brand large size external overflow. I removed the teeth, I was pushing too much water and flow in the tank to have the level only 1/2 below the top. Works fine now. 3x1" drains for herbie style overflow.

Return is 1", this allowed me to step down right at the nozzle and get better flow. All plumbing is schedule 80 pipe and fittings. Return has a manifold with 4 x 1/2 ball valves. True union for easy maintenance.

Unions throughout the plumbing for easy removal and overall maintenance.

I built the stand. It's over built for sure. It has 2 doors per side with quite close hinges. I also have magnets counter sunk. It's a pretty strong pull and worked as child proofing for me. There is a front compartment for storage, but also a hole in the top right for dedicated electrical section if you wish. Right hand side of tank I framed out a small area for controllers and a wiring hide area.

Inside the stand has a false top. I use this to mount CPU fans to reduce humidity. I also worked as a hidden chase for wiring. Under the doors I put slots so cool air pulls in from the bottom the fans blow through the false lid and hour of the top slits where the finger grooves are in the doors.

Bashea smart series. Grey and white to tie in with plumbing and stand color. I believe it's the 30, so 30x16x16. Drain sock section or raise the baffle for refugium section, then sump, small filter media section then return section.

It's been a great system but I've upgraded and it needs to go. No scratches I can see. A few flaws in the paint but not bad.

System is 1 year 1 month wet.

Drained and partially cleaned. Sump still needs to be cleaned. Plumbed for m2 but there is a union so it will be easy to swap for whatever return you care to run.

Skimmer, return are not included.

Tank, Stand, sump plumbing and DIY mesh top are included. $800 OBO. Located in Garden Grove, CA 92845 9F6D1C1B-13BF-4471-A48A-9A430A35814C by Matthew Schueneman, on Flickr 925D2522-9DF7-4EB4-A2DF-F43728EF708E by Matthew Schueneman, on Flickr A7929DBE-BE43-4DA7-97A9-DDB234C1DB68 by Matthew Schueneman, on Flickr B549E629-5C88-4F7B-9CE7-F44D279501A9 by Matthew Schueneman, on Flickr DA51ECF6-4B67-48F8-B8A5-090449BC7200 by Matthew Schueneman, on Flickr


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I'm tempted to hold onto the sump and plumbing for potential project.

$400 tank/overflow, lid and stand.


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That sweet stand alone looks to be worth more than your asking price. Someone is gonna score. Glws.


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UNS tanks are super nice and I really hope someone realizes how good of a deal this is. Awesome tank and seller! GLWS!

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Thanks everyone! It's been one of my most successful systems so far and a joy of a tank.

Sale is pending