7607/2 question


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Can the sensors be mounted on the same rail? For instance, I've already got the osmolator sensors mounted. could I put the too low sensor on the same rail as the IR sensor of the osmolator? And what was the kit to make th rails go flush w/ an AGA type trim? TIA Chuck.

'nother stupid question--could you give some more details about the overflows on the site. What size bulkhead does that wall overflow screw onto?
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You can use the same rail possibly for the sump too high alarm. The sump too low alarm will require its own rail, it is supposed to be positioned at the point at which a run dry will damage pumps. The tank overflow sensor has to be mounted in the tank.

The overflow boxes use a 2.25" hole. They are designed for use with 40mm PVC. I do stock some metric PVC and can have anything you need to complete the plumbing shipped over. The PVC is not to much more than it would be for equivalent sizes in the US. The overflows are rated for 450gph. The very large diameter pipe ensures silent operation.
So the 1074_000 is rated at 450gph? this is a hang on unit?

And the 1076/2? 750 or so?

and what is the parts thing again to attach the rails flush on an aga type tank trim?
The 1074 is a hang on unit and it's rating is far lower, about 250gph. The 1076 is about 450gph. The part for AGA trim is 3000.244. Sorry I missed that one.