8 years later, changes in the hobby!


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Hey guys, long time no see!

When I broke down my last tank, eight years ago, things were a little different, I'll tell you what! Anyway, after doing some research, one thing that I haven't figure out is 'what happened to all the pods?' It seems like live rock is all cultured now, at least around me, which is great, but there seem to be no more pods on the cultured stuff.... I'll be honest, I loved the life in my tank, the thousands of organisms... I miss it. Is there a way to infuse my tank with some of those not-fish, not-corals, not-inverts?


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Tons of people run a refugium in their sump and grow out some pods n "critters" in there. With an established population you can add plenty to your DT and have a population in there as well.


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Almost all my rock is dry rock. I added a softball size piece of LR to seed. I have pods for days. Maybe your tank is just too new and populations haven't exploded yet.


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I don't think it is top of the list on most reef tanks, but They definitely end up in a reef tank one way or another! =P


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I have a 40 gallon refugium on each tank that I seed with all sorts of "stuff". It reproduces and migrates to the display tank with no problem. However, I did start with high quality live rock as well.