80/20 aluminum extrusion light rack for Mitras


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All the parts arrived today. Assembly took just over an hour. Product is very good and easy to work with - I don't think I uttered a single curse word while putting it together!






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Here is the part list:

72" (1)
24" (4)
12" (4)​

4336-black (6)
4 hole inside corner gusset​

4332-black (8)
2 hole inside corner gusset​

2849 (6)
15 series rubber bumper​

2030-PLAIN (14)
1515 black endcap​

13052 (8)
Self-aligning T-slot nut with spring ball, M6​

3439 (50)
5/16-18 x 3/4" BHSCS / Washer / Economy Nut​

Additional parts I ordered for wire channels:

2899 (3)
Nylon wire duct 22" x 1.30"​

3050 (10)
10-32 x .5" BHSCS​

3201 (10)
Standard T-nut 10-32 thread​

I connected the wire hanging apparatus using M6 x 25mm set screws purchased from home depot, had to add a washers as a spacer.


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Looks great! Thanks for sharing this. I know what my next DIY project will be :)
I'm thinking about mouting the power supply units on the light rack also. Did you consider that as an option?


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I'm thinking about mouting the power supply units on the light rack also. Did you consider that as an option?

I did not, but mostly because I have a high shelf next to the tank for them, far above the water/salt. The Mitras power supplies are very compact which is nice, coming from 60" VHOs and 250w halides. They are also much smaller than the Radion power supplies yet seemingly much more efficient.

Are you mounting this to the ceiling?

No, it is going to sit on the perimeter brace. The aluminum is quite light, but it turned out a little heavier than I anticipated particularly with the lights mounted... probably about 25 pounds. I have three rubber feet on each bottom leg, where it will sit atop the brace.


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You may not know but do you have any idea how the material will hold up with a salt water tank, do you need to worry about rust etc?


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Those steel tnuts and bolts will rust/corrode. I had to get stainless for my light rack


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The anodized aluminum will be fine.

I'll watch the T-nuts and bolts that are nearest the tank, if I see them start to rest/corrode then I will get stainless steel replacements. there should be minimal salt creep with my planned setup, but as we all know salt tends to find its way out of the tank.


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Eric that is a top notch looking system you've created. I especially like your work table LOL! I'd be worried I'd catch an edge and ruin the felt of the pool table.

Definitely keep a close eye on the "Connections/Fasteners" for corrosion. They should be easy enough to swap out if you see a problem developing.