82 gallon reef tank


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I would like to tell us about your marine aquarium.

Tank: 900x600x500
refugium: 850x400x400 with 3 compartments: Skimmer, algae, return pump
Skimmer: Reef Octopus NW-200-6540 http://www.reefoctopus.com.cn/en/product_show.aspx?id=189
pump flow: Jebao WP-40, Jebao WP-25, Vortech MP10w ES
return pump: Eheim Compact 3000+
PhosBan Reactor Two Little Fishies 550
Light DIY, I will describe a little. For a long time trying to find the light in such a way that he liked me as well as residents. The final version has decided to do everything myself.
So light transaction using MH lamps, fluorescent lamps, as well as various diodes.
4х10W 16000K (LEDs)
6x10W 455 nm (Royal Blue LEDs)
2x50W hybrid LEDs (Royal Blue/White 6500K)
1x150W MH lamps 15000K (http://www.fish-street.com/150w_15k_purple_blue_hqi_bulb?category_id=107) I plan to replace the other day at the Radium 20000K
1x39W - Aqua Medic Reef Blue (Will be replaced by ATI Actinic)
1х39W - Gieseman Pure Actinic
In this combination, I personally really like the light, and judging by the corals, they began to gain a more vivid color.
Сalcium reactor - Bubble Magus C100AT

In the aquarium, mostly SPS corals and some fish.
For a long time maintained aquarium Balling, and when I decided to install the system in the reactor, I made quite a blunder not to be washed out as coral chips, which resulted in the death of almost all corals. It was the desire to do away with a hobby and get away with something else, but the desire to grow
but the desire to grow a beautiful reef hard prevailed over all the disappointments.
At this point, the reef is growing quite well, and I am pleased with the results, but looking at the reef aquariums TOTM realize that there is much to move and to strive for.


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After much deliberation, I decided to remake the system and get rid of some corals.
Since that time, never enough decided to reduce the volume of the aquarium to banal water changes were less onerous.
Decided to glue the new aquarium with dimensions of 24 "x24" x9 "
DIY 150W light bulb MH + LED
Skimmer - has not yet decided how best to install on this volume.
Pump flow EcoTech Vortech MP-10w ES - 2 pieces
Return pump - Eheim Compact 3000+
In the future, I want to give up the Tank sand in the display, and limited to the minimum amount of live rock using them only as a substrate for the attachment of coral. I would like to hear opinions about my ideas. Well, one of the most important questions, how well will look tank of this size?


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I'm not clear on something. When you say you're building a tank 24 X 24 X 9, do you really mean 9 inches high? Seems kind of shallow.
Nice color on your purple montipora cap, BTW.
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Write aquarium sizes in centimeters. Decided to stay at this size: 70x60x45 centimeters.
In the coming days I plan to run the system.
skimmer - DELTEC SC1455
Lift pump - Aqua Medic OR-2500
Pump flow - Vortech MP10w ES - 1 pc. + Tunze 6055 on Singlecontroller 1 pc., Or 2 pieces Tunze 6095 on the multicontroller 7095 and see what and how it will be missed and will leave
SAMP - 80x35x40 centimeters
lamp - 1x150W Radium, 2x24W ATI Blue+, dimming LED bar for supplementary lighting and smooth sunrises with sunsets
Calcium reactor - DELTEC PF501


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I'm not clear on something. When you say you're building a tank 24 X 24 X 9, do you really mean 9 inches high? Seems kind of shallow.
Nice color on your purple montipora cap, BTW.

Thank you!
Montipora appeared in the aquarium on the occasion. A friend asked to hold at the aquarium until he did some pretty large coral frags, and when I returned it to him, he found a shard of montipora aquarium. This coral has grown from 2 centimeter frags. Color I am also very pleased, as in other matters, and growth rate.


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Well, that's about so I want to lay down the live rock in the tank. The aim was to achieve a sufficient number of flat areas for corals SPS






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Finally finished the run tank. First pictures after work. Water is still a bit unclear, but hang the filter sock, and I think in the morning the water clears