90 g Just leaked all over my house


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My 90 gallon tank just leaked all over my house and almost cought my house on fire. what should I do with all my fish and coral? Do think the house ins. will cover this?


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if you lived closer to me, I wouldn't mind holding some stuff for you.... maybe someone in Mesa can help you out until you get set back up


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even buckets will do...
right now, i have some corals and a rbta in a bucket..
i took down my 75 and didnt have room in my other tanks..


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i have them in bucket at the moment and got to save some of the water. but i don't have enough water to keep them there. any one live close to n gilbert and lindsey?


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I do think your home owners insurance will pay for it. Make sure it's worth it thou. Typically I think they cover damage from the water, but won't cover what caused the damage.


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I have what I think is a 29 gallon tall tank you can borrow. I dont have a filter or anything with it but its a tank. Send me a PM if you need it. I am in Mesa and can run it over to you.