90 gallon build/conversion


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I am in the process of changing my tank set ups. The current plan is to transfer my 55 and 20 into my new 90, sell my 58, and transfer my 29 to a 40breeder or one of the new JBJ 28 LED's. This is the 90 build. So far I have the tank and most equipment should show up today and throughout the week.

Equipment List
90 Gallon RR Aqueon Tank
Black Oak Stand
30gallon Trigger crystal sump
PanWorld 100PX-MD40R Return Pump
4X 1200 Maxi Power Heads
Red Sea Wave Master Pro Wavemaker
ASM G2 skimmer
Finnex 2X150HQI (14KPhoenix) w/ 2X54T5 (will replace with ATI Blue Plus)
2X Theo 300W heater


Planned Stock List
Possibly and Angle
Tang (Probably White Cheek)
Bicolor Blenny (from 20)
Pygmy Hawk (from 20)
Yasha Hase Goby (from 20)
Sixline Wrasse
3X Helfrichi Firefish
Blue Spot Jawfish
Target Mandarin
Black or Picasso Clown Pair
2X Neon Goby
Rainfords Goby
Swisguard Basslet
3X Bangai Cardinal
Sunburst Anthiast

If anyone thinks this is a little heavy please let me know. I think it should be ok as a good portion of these fish are small.

Here is a FTS of the 55

Here is the 90 waiting patiently for the equipment to show up and the LFS to get the stand in.


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On the 90 will you be upgrading to a canopy, sticking with the glass tops, or going open air?.......good call on the anGEL :rolleyes:


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I live in CO so open air takes a lot of top off. I have glass tops coming and will try them. I think there will be enough gas exchange in the sump.


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Sump showed up today and it is pretty awsome. Much better then my home made versions. To bad I have to leave for 3 days for work. Cant wait to start putting stuff together.


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ok, so I now have everything except for the stand. Apparently the guy that makes the stands for the LFS is not real reliable and the stand is still not in.

Also I have sent back the 4 maxijets and the wavemaker and now have a Vortech MP40W coming for the flow in the tank. I am not sure if one will be enough. I have seen some say it is and others say you need two.