90 gallon lights

Michigan Mike

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Before you even answer...what do you want? LEDs or halides?
What oral do you want?

You can have a great SPS tank with a 6x54 ATI Sunpower /TEK & ATI bulbs.

You can have a great SPS tank with a 2x250w halide, + 2 VHO, or 2/4 T5HO supplement is even better.

You can do a cheap reefbreeders/evergrow LED setup or whatever LED is similar,or pay a lot more for a better looking fixture with more bells & whistles etc.

I for one like halides...with or without VHO Actinics or T5HO. Although together I think it is best- the best SPS growth, brightest & best shimmer together (shimmer is better with higher wattage halides or without fluorescent supplement)

I also have an ATI Sunpower & know it has plenty of color options & has as more than enough power to grow big SPS tanks. Look and see, it also doesnt make the annoying shimmer lines on your ceiling & walls like other lighting.

There are Led tanks that are SPS dominate out there but I really believe it depends on the user & LED system in use.
Some people push their new lights so hard but don't have SPS dominate tanks & don't dose at all and say its awesome..dig deeper and find out if its the right lighting system for you, the only reason I even say this is because many LED fixtures & users may not be like you...a lot of led users struggle with it & go back to halide & T5HO. Research is key!


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i use a tek elite 8 bulb on my 90g deep blue and it grows everything well, but replacing the bulbs every 10-12 months is an expense id prefer to do without..if i were to do it over id go LED without queston...choosing WHICH LED is a whole other discussion. im looking to make the switch soon, but with so many new products coming to market rapidly, i want to wait a little longer. the T5/LED combos seem nice, but waaaay to expensive IMO. i like th elook of the Kessils, ive also heard good things about Orphek products from an installer friend of mine.