9011 drive unit/impeller


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Thanks for getting my last order for the 6025 and 9011 impellers out to me. I received an impeller for the 9011 part number 0235.120 A, when I needed the complete drive unit including the magnet which is starting to expand due to its age. According to the original manual for the 9011 protein skimmer this would be part number 1205.700. The skimmer is old but has worked well until now and I would like to keep it in service.


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RC Sponsor
We have part 1205.700 in stock and it is on our eBay store. If you will be coming to Reefstock, you could bring the 0235.120 to the show and order the 1205.700 and I will refund the wrong part and have my guys ship the one you want. I am travelling to Denver today.