90g + ~10g Sump + ~10g Fuge — Need new Skimmer


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Hey All,

I Have a 90g Main Display, with a ~20g Sump/Fuge split.

My SWC Xtreme 160 Co e Skimmer pump took a dump after 10 years. Since they are no longer in business and I can’t seem to find a definitive direct replacement pump…

I am in the market for a new Skimmer!

I really don’t want to spend over $300.

Unlike 10+ years ago when there were inly a few choices and of those few 1/2 of them were actually any good. Today there are seemingly 100’s of choices..

in a google search, I came across this one: https://fishtankusa.com/products/simplicity-120dc-in-sump-protein-skimmer?currency=USD

Which has a DC motor, Thought it seemed like a good price and value, but beyond that, I know nothing about it?

Has any one tried this model? Input? Other suggestions?

Smaller is better as I have limited room. The SWC Xtreme 160 was maxed out for headroom and size.

Thanks All!



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I’ve read good reviews about simplicity skimmer

no first hand experience though

tunze hydrofoamer produces the best foam
of any skimmer I’ve used


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Tunze has a unique bio load calculation

if your running SPS then you reduce the recommended volume by 70%

that’s a good skimmer for tank volume around 80-100 gallon


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If a DC pump is a requisite, I doubt you'll beat that Simplicity price. If DC doesn't matter, lots of people like these Bubble magus Curve 5 skimmers. A little bigger base than the simplicity but same height, a few bucks cheaper.


Personally I use the smaller brother of yours that died - SWC 120 - but since it uses the common Atman PH1100 pump, I should be able to keep it going forever. I love it.