90g MH Lighting Advice Needed


Zoanthid/SPS Killer
Hey guys thanks for looking. I am going to do a 90g mixed reef, like to try some SPS, bunch of LPS, softies, shrooms, zoos and clams. Question is, would 1 or 2 x 250w be best combined with 2x54w T5s? I'm looking at roughly a difference of 2.75w/gallon between the two. It breaks out to be 4w/gallon with one 250w and 6.75w/gallon with two 250w. I appreciate your input. By the way, I would wire the T5's myself into the canopy and use these for the halides.
i am setting up a 90 also a just got my mh for hellolights and i think you should check these out if you are going to retro fit. your hood can be shorter and you don;'t have a ll the heat in your hood from the ballest. if i am correct the ballest a are built into the reefstar pendent. i got two of these babies almost for the price of 1 reefstar. also you get xm bulb of choice for $20. also putting 2 vho 50/50's with them. this comes up to be about 6.33 watts per gallon and saves alot of money too. good luck with the new tank.

Cool. The only thing I'd be concerned about is mounting them inside the canopy - the ad says that they should be away from water and evaporation...?
i talked to the guy at hello light and he said as long as they don't get splashed they would work fine at about 10" off the water.