90g Reef Setup for Sale


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Hello, the following is for sale:

90g RR tank ( corner overflow, two bulkheads in the bottom)

Custom built furniture grade stand and canopy

ETSS skimmer with mag7 pump

Little giant external pump (around 1000gph or I could give you a mag 9.5 if you wanted that instead)

Sump w/ bioballs if you want them

also included is a MH lighting system

it contains 2x 250W MH bulbs, reflectors, mogul sockets and Universal Lighting Advance Ballasts....one ballast looks a lil rough with some rust on it. Also 2x 110W VHO actinic with endcaps and ballasts.

I have like two powercords I can through in with the lighting, last time they were wired up when I bought them they worked but I am selling them as is.........

For all this listed above I am looking for $450 obo..........

I have some extra crap that I will thrown in for free....like some test kits and stuff

I will part out but the tank/canopy/stand will be sold together and plz pm me for individual pricing.............

I will accept a nano cube of some kind as a partial or full payment based on what is included on your end..............

Everything is neg I just need to move this stuff out.....you can pm here, leave post, or email me at simonarmitage@yahoo.com





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zero problems I am unsure of age but i would say less than 3 years.........not sure of brand

All i know is that the glass is extremely thick for this size tank

hope that helps