a bigger tank


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ok guys marine keeper for 4 months now , with an 80 gallon a 18 gallon and my 9 gallon. the 80 is the one i will be changing i want a 8 foot tank or should i say the misses does. currently no sump,acadia series 3 with 2 15000k halides and the 2 tubes, skimmer,4inches of coral sand 60 kilos of live rock .so do i put in a sump if so im a sump virgin and what else should i upgrade on and how on earth do i put a 8 foot in exactly the same place as a 4 foot and what would the best dimensions be ..


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You'll need 4 MH bulbs in use, most likely, and probably a bigger skimmer. A sump is pretty handy, and I would recommend one for a tank that size. 96"x24"x24" is probably a size, maybe 30" high if you want a DSB.