a few brook (i think) questions


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background info:
1 female maroon, been in the tank 4 months or so
1 juvi maroon added to the tank 2 weeks ago (was quarentined for 4 weeks first but no treatments were given, no diseases noted)

45 gallon reef, both fish stay in the anemone

this morning they ate as usual.
I noticed somthing clearish white on the females eyeball
i got worried. within an hour she knocked it off with the bta's tenicles


a few hours after this
juvi - had somthing on its eyeball, a clamped fin (was using it a lil but babying it) and it looked as though it has somthing on the otter ridge of its other side fin

female is acting lethargic, and between her eyes, her lip and chin area all look discolored, like a haze was there. not inclined to eat, but when a flake came close, she ate it

no signs of ick. unless the 'thing' on the eyeball and outter ridge of fin.. but it doesent have a salt like appearance

I ran to lfs and got formilin. I did a 50 minute dip. then a 5 minute fresh dip afterwards

mistake time

I put them directly back in the reef. (and yes, i have a quarentine set up at all times)

they both went strait to the anemone and started to get stung... i saw a tenicle stuck to the females face... *really feel dumb*

so with that said.. they have markings from the anemone on them, and it will be hard to decifer whats going on

now... an explanation then some such needed questions

I have to go out of town for 7 days wednesday night. witch leaves me time for 1 more dip. and i can put them in quarentine afterwards if its suggested. but.. and this is why i put them in the reef. my fish watcher is NOT a reefer. he can follow directions.. but not that well. Hes all i have and i was afraid he wouldent be able to keep perimeters in a qt stable enough (esp salinity and amonia.. and i def. dont want him administering medications)

so my questions... whitch i have not been able to locate answers for

is brook 'in' my tank after i dip all fish? say.. if 1 dip was to cure the fish, do they have a chance of getting it agian in the reef like ick, or am i ok?

does brook affect the eyes? (hazy appearance, a scratch look alike etc)

does it effect the fins other than tears/holes? (mine dont have these.. clamped and somthing 'on' the fin)

am i treating for brook when i should be looking for other causes?

can brook appear after 6 weeks? i would guess whatever this is the juvi brought in.. but i qted him for 6 weeks with no signs of anything. What else could the fish contract that isent 'brought in'.. I will try to get some pictures tomorrow... but it seems to clamp fins, attach or effect the eyes, lethary, disscoloration on skin (not noted on juvi at all)

The female had a bacterial infection a few months ago that was cured with maracyn 2. Signs are not the same so far.

Oh.. also has be questioning my brook thoughts.. no heavy breathing. No swimming to the top for extra oxegen etc. the fresh water dip dident even get em to bad.

So. I have 48 hours to dianose and get somthing figured out for my fish sitter. Im extreamly attached to my maroons. any thoughts advice or suggestions will be cherished

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While brook may be a possibility ... it would not top my list. The combo of prior QT and the localization of the "white" to the eyeball may suggest something else.

White haze associated with brook is excess mucus generated by the fish in an attempt to shed the parasite .. in your case it sounds like you had a white film on the eye which is more often associated with a minor bacterial problem (commonly associated with an eye injury from netting) or perhaps a fluke or some other parasite that has attached itself to the eyeball.

A formalin bath at the proper concentration should have been effective against brook ... it would also have been effective against flukes and many other critters sometimes associated with attaching to the eye.

The problems noted after the bath/dip may be simply stress - in the future you might consider forgoing the FW dip after the formalin bath .. not sure what additional benefit would be derived and I suspect it might do more harm/stress than good.

Most aquarist put their fish into a QT after the initial formalin bath ... thats not always necessary but on occasion fish need more than one bath and catching the fish can be a PIA and a QT is a nice place to closely observe the fish.

As far as going out of town and whether to QT ... thats a crap shoot. In general QTings the route to go but if your not there to treat then I am unsure of what you really gain. I doubt your going to have the fish sitter give a formalin bath .. and use of formalin or antibiotics within a QT may result in killing off beneficial bacteria which in turn may create ammonia issues and the associated need to do major water changes. Don't know how talented your sitter is or whether you want to run the risk.

Sometimes doing nothing is the best alternative ...


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yeah. the fish sitter we will call... well maybe duece biggilow? he sux... lol

they are acting lively and eatting today. baby is using its fins. only things i see today are the females top fin looks like it has a crust on the outter ridge and her face looks kinda weird, but its getting better by the hour so im assuming that was the anemone stings from having no slime coat

Im hoping if its somthing other than brook, a week in the tank with no treatment is going to be ok.

Whatever is attaching to the eyes the bta takes care of.

this is my plan. any suggestions or advice or contradictions will be appreciated

tomorrow morning another formilin bath (they arent that hard to catch since they wont leave the bta)

Ill have all day to observe, and ill leave that night. they will be in the reef. (no other fish there)

when i get home, if nothing has changed or has changed for the worse, im going to qt them with maracyn 2. unless it looks more like brook.

(im assuming if it is brook and 2 formilin baths dont fix it they wont be with me when i get home)

I really have a hard time identifing these diseases :(