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Ok, a little background. I have a 29g tank that is cycling rock. It has been up for about 6 weeks. All parameters are good: Ph, ammonia, nitrates, nitrites, po4, and calcium. It has a CUC doing well in it. I have a 55-90 gal powerhead and a 120 gallon skimmer setup. I have a pair of clowns in a QT, been in there a few days, they were in the DT for a couple of days because they were the first fish. I saw spots and pulled them immediately. I have them in 10g with bare bottom, but I put in some rock because I did not have an emergency sponge, doing well so far. I have been doing symptomatic treatment and will have copper by Monday. I know the rock cant go back in the DT. I have marked the dates for 6 wk QT for it, and the fallow for 6 weeks on the DT. I have a 30 g powerhead, a heater, and the rock for filtration. Is there anything else I need for the QT? Feel like I am doing okay so far there.

Now, my hubby has been out of town during all this., so I found out my hubby has gotten his hands on a 90g, and will bring it back when he returns, in 2 weeks. that is why the huge skimmer and powerhead, also have another powerhead for 55g in case I need it in there I am trying to prep for the new tank and got another 40# of rock
(put in yesterday) in addition to the 20# left after the 10# was removed for the QT tank. all live rock, BTW. The big thing I am wondering is how much more rock for the 90 is ideal? I will have 60, so about 40?

I also have a few questions about the new tank, when I set it up can I use the sand I have now in the 29g? I know the answer is usually no, but what about from only a 2 month tank? There is 30# to be transferred in addition t adding 60# new. I am also thinking of using the 29 for a sump and fuge. I am totally not a plumber and was wondering if someone could help me with really basic instructions for how to plumb a basic sump, and maybe a material list? I have basic home maintenance tools for use. I will keep the 10G QT for now.

I know I am all over the place with my explanations, but I am excited and scared about a bigger tank! :uhoh2: I am not planning on putting the clowns in the new tank until I think it has fully cycled from new sand and rock. Will they be okay in the QT all this time? About mid August I think.

I would love any more suggestions that anyone feels necessary. I am also a little unsure about filtration. Initially I had a canister filter, but after reading a lot on here I decided to get rid of it. Rock, and sand should be sufficient as long as I have minimum 90# of each in the 90G, am I correct?

I am wanting to do a nice reef, but am unsure about coral care, do y'all think I could put a couple of frags in after the mini cycle I expect when I set up the new tank, before adding the clowns? Any suggestions on mid price lighting for the new tank? I have LED on the other tanks, but I know some corals need different lighting. I want to try and keep it in the modest price range for now, the lower cost the better, but not very poor quality.

Thanks so much for reading and any and all help I get!!


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I am also reading about drummereef's epic build right now and am wishing I had more cash flow at home!! I need pump recommendations, too, as well as filter options for the sump, socks or polyfill and how to set that up? I don't know if the new tank is already drilled, but I am so hoping so, if not I don't know if I will do it or just use a HOB overflow...


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Welcome Marshallliberty:

I'll just make a few comments. I'm sure others will address all the other questions.

First, there is a better method for treating ich called "Tank Transfer". You can read about it here. Be sure to read the whole thread, and it's explained in detail. If you don't have 2 tanks, you can take the fish out of Tank 1, put them in a temporary "tank" like a bucket, while you clean/sterilize the first tank to start over with Tank "2". Same pH, same salinity, same temperature, just cleaned.


Your main/display tank needs to stay fallow for longer than 6 weeks. More like 9+. You can read about that here.


And last, (or first), read this. You don't need bacteria or a cycle in your hospital tank. If you don't have a sponge, you can run a hospital tank *without* a cycle. Read about it here.


snorvich and sk8r are a couple of the experts around here.

Have fun, and I hope this helps.


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Thanks so much, Cynthia! I appreciate the other method for ich. I don't like the rock that I have in the QT anyway. I was planning on removing it, so this just expedited that. The copper looks like the easiest treatment, but I will make sure I adjust my fallow tank time! I figured 6 was good, thanks for correcting me! :hmm3: