A few things for sale


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Just got a couple of things sitting on the bottom of my tank I want to sale off..

1 green mushroom, really bright under 14k HQI $5

Same mushrooms 3 on one rock $10

Orange Monti a little dull, its been at the bottom of my tank, but growing. $10

29g tank for sump or main. It was a freshwater tank, no major scratches. $15

The picture were taken with my camera on my phone. Just to let ya know why they arent that crisp.


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I also got a red sea prizm skimmer, the only thing Is that its missing the top part. I am sure you could contact red sea and get a replacement or use a piece of acrylic to cover it so it foams into the container.

Anyone want to trade something for it????
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Also got a couple of pumps laying around. $5 each

ca200 is 200 liters an hour
ca600, you guess it 600 liters an hour

dont know what it equals to GPH. I used them for mixing water and my Qt tank for flow.


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tank is gone

They are some super bright mushrooms under atinics or really blue MH setup.

You know you want some!!!!!