A gift from the kids


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It's spring break week here in Houston. My wife took the kids to Galveston to play in the sand and surf for the day. While there they found what appears to be a flat-clawed hermit crab and brought it home to add to my tank. At the moment the only residents are 6 red-legged hermits, 2 turbo snails, a bunch of copepods and whatever else is on the LR. The cycle finished a couple of days ago. So.....

Do I add him ? Do I quarantine him and add him later ? Or do I deport him back to Galveston ?



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Well, the kids meant well. But, not all hermit crabs will be reef safe. The Red-legged Hermits are generally recognized to be "reef-safe," along with the Bluelegs and Scarlets. But, the one that was brought home may or may not be. What you have going for you is that it came from Galveston...no reefs there, are there? So, while the crab's not specifically a coral-eater, it's a real possibility that it might find it to be consumable. I'd say that while there is a risk, you still could take a chance but be sure to watch it closely


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The Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary is a popular dive spot about 90 miles from Galveston. Not sure if these guys live out there or not.

I think I will let the kids set up a little 10 gal SW tank and see what happens. In the mean time I'll do a some research and see if he's reef safe. For the time being he seems content in a bucket and it should only take an hour or so to get the 10 gal going.

Does anyone else out there know anything about flat-clawed hermits ?