A good choice after all - a red tail wrasse


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I was at one my LFS recently and stumbled upon a rare find (around here anyway); A red tail tamarin wrasse. They had two in stock. I've heard of these guys and new they were a tough fish to keep in home aquaria. Feeding is supposedly the hardest thing for them because they exclusively feed on pods and other tiny inverts. So with this in mind, i wasn't going to try, until i overheard an LFS employee selling one of them to somebody with 24 gallon aquapod. =/ I decided to buy the other one thinking I may be able to give it a better shot at life then somebody with less experience. He was only 24.99 to boot. So I took him home and I worried about him getting enough food. But after about a week, he started showing interest in some of the food i was throwing in for the other fish. I saw him try a pellet and then spit it out, and then eat it again. I was surprised to say the least. But as of now, my red tail is eating about 10 formula one pellets a day! I think with this good nutrition he may have a shot at an full life in my tank. Does anybody else have any successful stories with this fish?