a octo/cuttle for a 24 aquapod


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Hi everyone,

I have a 24 gallon aquapod that I really want to do something different with. I was going to keep a peacock mantis but the tank is glass and now im starting to think that I would rather not risk it. So i want to get some information on cephs....

What kinds of octo/cuttlefish would I be able to keep in a 24?

I know that octo tanks have to be escape proofed and that they are hard to identify.

Is there an online source for buying octos?

I kind of just want a general rundown please!

Thank ya!


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tonmo.com has articles at the top of the site that you can read to learn the basics about caring for octos. In a 24 you will want to keep the octopus dwarf sized, and you will not be able to keep coral with it. Dwarfs are nocturnal and pretty shy, so you may not want to go that route, but you will need a bigger tank for a larger, diurnal, active octopus. The cuttlefish Sepia Bandensis will work well in an AP24. They are pretty hard to find though. They can be kept with corals but will eat most anything else. Clams are ok with cuttles too but I would not recommend one with stock AP lighting. I will have some cuttles available in a couple of months that I have raised from wild caught eggs. Watch tonmo for when I have them available, or you can try to find them somewhere online but it will probably be difficult.