A pair of Spotbreast Angels?


I'm currently still in Taiwan and unable to return to the mainland where I live, so unfortunately there's no chance for me to start my tank yet. I really want a pair of Spotbreast Angels (Genicanthus Melanospilos). What tank size would you say is needed for 2? My LFS only gets in females, at 3.5-4", if I get 2 females of the same size, will 1 likely transition to male over time?

And how easy is it to have long-term success with these angels? Are they hardy, easy to feed and resistant to disease? Can they get along with a Purple Tang (my other centerpiece fish), if so, should I add the Angels first?

If not hardy are there any hardier Genicanthus angels? Would love to know.

I wonder how easy it is to keep these angels for 10+ years?