A.T.T.R's return to the hobby 20 gallon build thread


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After being out of the saltwater hobby since apx 2009 when I had whole rooms dedicated to coral I was clearly Addicted To The Reef.

I have finally settled down a little and have decided to start an addiction back up…. i mean get back into reef aquariums. This is my thread for my 20 gallon mixed reef tank. I can see lots has changed in this hobby since I left and this feels like a strange new world.

I started with a stand I happened to have in the garage that was being used as a shelf and a canister filter that my buddy gave me years ago and was never opened I have since added a in tank overflow box with auto top off sensor and moved the canister Intake into the box.

In the past with multiple big tanks I always had to diy my lighting with this small tank I decided I wanted the best of the best and bought a radion 15.

The rock in the tank is a box of rock from an unknown tank that has been sitting dry for years. It may have been my buddies old reef. I have seeded this rock with under a pound of rubble from a LFS sump.





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I like it. I did something similar recently. I wanted to be back in the hobby but I know I'm just not in the time of life where I can really enjoy it to the fullest (I have small children). So I just got a 20G tank and kept it very simple. Canister filter. Old/used equipment. It keeps me in the hobby. Maybe I'll do something bigger someday, maybe not.