A terribly sad day


It's Dr. Goodluck Himself
Those of you who know my tank will understand.


Never have I been less happy to have made $300.


It's Dr. Goodluck Himself
Yeah. They grow fast.

It is surprising how hard it was to give away that "gift". But someone finally came through. Hard to find someone to take it, harder still to give it. But it has a better chance to live there now.

Not another gigas, though the thought crossed my mind. I moved the other clams there, some coral too. Now I can get a scraper across the glass again!


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You REALLY need to not start threads with negative titles Joel, I got all sorts of worried before opening the thread about some other crazy mishap that might've happened to you..... :worried:

It's definitely a missed piece for you, hopefully the new residence has plenty of room for it to grow. :thumbsup:


Glad to here the clam is still alive! I would have made the title "Empty Nest". How are the clowns taking it?


It's Dr. Goodluck Himself
@Doug -- The title was with you in mind!

@Jeff -- Agreed, and agreed!

@nanonubey -- The dead clowns are one of the reasons, though a minor aspect, for the decision.

@Tank -- Nobody here knows the recipient, but it's a friend who owns a business fairly near me. He has a gigantic tank, though the photo he sent indicates some rock will need to be moved about a year from now.


It's Dr. Goodluck Himself
Sorry did'nt know the clowns died. :(

Mysterious. One was eaten by a plate coral, others just appeared dead with no visible wounds or disease. Others disappeared. I don't suspect the clam, but you never know and the clam had gotten too big anyway.


It's Dr. Goodluck Himself
Well, on Wednesday afternoon I was outside with my kids, and at about 4:30 all of a sudden, out of nowhere, this gigantic billowing cloud of black smoke appeared. Flames jumping out of a house behind mine.

It was my daughter's best friend's house. It's basically gone. Entire neighborhood smelled by nighttime, and my house smelled almost as much as it did 24hrs after my own fire.

It was horrific, and made me both fearful and thankful, for now I can see how much worse it could have been. Thank God the kids were able to get out the back. It must have been terrifying.


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I for one can say I saw that monster in person and was in total awe.. Good luck with what ever you replace it with..