a year


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im about 2 weeks away from a year. ive come to love this, about the last 2 months ive been stressed and bored with the tank, but now as ive moved and into new surroundings ive reginted the love i have for it like i did a year ago.



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Cool I'm glad you're feeling the love again...

yeah i was just struggling to figure out what i was gonna do becaue i wanted a 210 but since i couldnt get the house i had to stick with the 55, im gonna fill it out first.

Awesome...I hope my 55 gallon is as good as that in a year...

patience and dedication! ive had so many coral loses and only one fish lose due to mating and starving, but ive had so many corals still from the begining. just gotta work on it!

Very nice looking tank. What are you using for lighting?

currently 3 ati bulbs, 1xactinic 1xcoral plus 1xpurple plus, 1 coralife bulb 10,000k