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So today i come home from work to find my crocea
leaning over on its side .
After closer inspection i have noticed that the foot has come away from him.
Now the question will he survive ?
All water params are good and the lighting is more then enought (2x400w mh).
He respomds to all shadows that pass over him ,he is not gapping in any manner,and he looks like he did 3 weeks ago .
God i hope he survives!!!!!!!!!!

If any one has seen this and has survived or any knowledge of whats happening please let me know .
thanks in advance
I recently read how certain clams abandon their foot after a certain age/size. How big is your clam?


Just an update for all
Crocea seems to be ok ( i hope ) mantal and everything is good .

The clam is about is about 3 inches in size .
Will keep all informed as we go :)
Tridacnids sometimes abandon thier byssal attachment becaus of stress. They are able to regrow. Loss of the foot, does not equal death, all of the time.

It may be fine.

Best of luck, Rob
Mine did the same thing. Its a 2.5" maxima and i had it on a piece of rock where it finally settle in for about 3 days. One morning i went to check on it and the clam was laying on the sand. I dont know what cause it to jump off, but it left what looked like its foot and some threads attached to the rock. So i took the rock out and clened it, because i thought something might have irritated the clam and caused it to jump off. Well, after cleaning the rock off real good i put the clam back on rock and now the clam has settled in again. So far everything has been ok. The clam has reattached to the rock and it has been 2 weeks.....
I know that. It doesnt use the byssal gland to attach either. The gland is used for producing a substance that is used to attach itself. I, myself , used "foot" as a figure of speech.
I have a Crocea in my persoanal tank, that lost it's byssal attachment, and has re-grown it. It is now firmly attached to a rock in my tank and doing wonderfull.

Alot of clams may lose their byssal threads from stress, from something like shipping. It does NOT mean death.

Byssal threads can become detached during times of stress, so I have read. So, I would tend to agree with the others.

I think that if the clam is acting normal, then there is a really good chance that it will survive.


Sorry folks for the long delay in getting bac to everyone (work &xmas). The crocea is doing fine i moved him up on a rock the following Tuesday and with 12 hours he reattached andis doing great!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks to all for your insights and knowladge it is nice to know that rc is here with you all and such valuable info!
Thanks again saslty:D