? About leathers??


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My colt, which a week ago was huge (5+ inches) with 3 different stems is now about 2 1/2 inches. It has been in the same place in the tank with no flux of light or current.
I have this alge growing in my tank, from what I was told is red slime. As soon as I touch it, it comes off like a sheet of paper, but within days is back. I was told to use Red Slime Remover witha 25% water change after 2 days.
Could it be this alge that has affected the colt or should I look somewhere else? I was told alk. can also be an issue.

Thank you for your help...


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The red slime will not kill a leather coral from my experience. Now let me define my experience....I couldn't control the red slime in my tank, I tried everything from 100% water change to all different kinds of Red Slime removal powders. It took over my entire tank, but the only corals it killed were zoas and star polyps b/c they're so low to the ground. It didn't touch my Kenyas, my xenia, or my 3 toadstools. So it will not kill your corals, but do not let it get out of hand, fight it early and often. Replacing my lightbulbs and increasing flow slowed the Red Slimes progess significantly in my tank but by that time it was too late. I would have to assume that my poor water quality was an effect of my sand bed accumulating detritus(sp?) ultimately feeding the red slime.
For the time being, syphoning the RS off with an airline tubing frequenty is a good idea b/c it doesn't waste much water with respect to the amount of red slime you take out of your tank.