? about the flow on a closed loop....

Naperville Reef

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i want to replace 2 Maxi-Jet 1200s with a closed loop. the flow rate on a MJ 1200 is 295gph so i have about 600gph between the two. i am looking at the PanWorld 50PX which rates at 590gph. with head loss the flow will be closer to 450gph.

will the size of my bulkhead on my two returns affect the flow? i have been told that a larger bulkhead will increase the flow.

iyo, would a PanWorld 50PX have more or less flow than the two MJ 1200s?


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Good morning Naperville - I am not sure I understand the configuration of your proposed closed loop system, but in a closed system the head pressure issue is neutralized making the primary concern friction loss and back pressure created by the diameter of the pipe and how many turns the fluid must make as it travels. A rule of thumb is the larger the hole the more fluid volume it will handle. This site has a calculator on the main page that will tell you the maximum flow volumes of a given pipe size.