About to introduce two large angels...what are my chances?

Brandon M

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It's almost been one year since I set up my 315g (84"x24"x36") and I am finally about ready to add the two fish that got me hooked on the hobby. Large angels were the reason I set up my large fish only, so this is an exciting time.

My current occupants include:

3" yellow tang
4" copperband butterfly (first fish in tank, had for almost a year)
5" magnificent foxface
5.5" naso tang
6" blue tang

The two angels are a 6.5"-7" queen angel and a 6" majestic (blue girdled) angel. I purchased the queen from Divers Den and have had her in a separate tank for over 4 months. She is doing extremely well and eats and everything I offer.

I just got the majestic angel about a week ago and she is already eating nori/PE mysis aggressively. I am confident she will do well.

The majestic will stay in QT for another 4-5 weeks, then both angels will be added at the same time to the 315g.

What are my chances everyone will get along? Right now the blue tang is boss in the 315g.








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I'd say pretty good, considering the aggression might be spread out. Your not overstocked IMO, but one of those fish has to play the dither.

david pinder

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Had a queen with about 10 other angels. I have never seen him bother any other fish. He could if he wanted he is definitly the largest fish in the tank at about 10 inches. Have another large tank with 4 angels they get along fine but when I introduced a majestic they did him in within 12 hrs by the time I could get him out he was so stressed only live a week. difinitly if you want both put them in at the same time or the smaller one maybe a little earlier