AC Jr wireless?


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use the bluetooth serial adapter. It is quite reliable.
I use IOGear GBS301 (about $65) on the AC jr and IOGear GBU321 (about $20) on my computer. They are both Class1 and will work up to 100 meters (300+ feet). I have not tried it that far, but my computer is upstairs, and signal has to pass several walls, and I'd say distance is maybe 50 feet.

for more description on my setup, click on the little red house www icon on this message.


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I am not seeing the link you reference. "click on the little red house www icon on this message"

I am trying to hook my AC Jr up wirelessly as well.



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I know this thread is old, but I just bought an AC Jr. as my first controller and was looking for a way to connect wirelessly. Doughboy, your program looks really neat, and I plan on using that once I get my new system set up in a couple of weeks.

Are there any threads on this site dedicated to this program? I'd be interested to see how others are using it and what their thoughts were.