Acam maxima or Scolly help please


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I bought this last night, don't know what it is but it looks bad tonight.
Any help GREATLY appreciated..




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Whats w/ the hole in the center ?
Is it normal ?

mouth...... feed it


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it will have it's feeders out when the lights go out....and if it gets the scent of food will start feeding with the lights on too


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I think it just needs some time to acclimate then it will start to put out its tentacles. Sometimes if you pass some mysid by the coral it won't take right away, but it may start to extend its tentacles several mintunes later.

Looks like you also picked up a hitchhiker coral below that as well...maybe a plate coral???


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after the coral settles in, the lights still need to be off for quite a while before the coral gets into feeding mode.

once those tentacles are stretched out anything you apply directly to them will stick and youll be able to watch it feed.

mine looks pretty cool cuz these corals swallow their food whole and open up their mouths really wide to allow the food to pass through their mouth.

youll like this coral.

keep it under moderate to low lighting and medium to low flow.

super hardy and fun to watch them eat