Acan f/s or f/t


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Looked in the tank this morning and saw my Tropical Acan from Ultimate Frags killing a new pink candycane frag I got from Lizardking. They weren't that close, about 2" away and this stupid thing still did some major damage.


Guess this is a huge hint that I need some more sandbed space so it's available. I paid $20 for 3 heads of it when I got it (It was one of the first corals I got), now up to about 8 heads, picture doesn't really capture the oranges in the coral, one of those better seen in person things.

Looking for $35 or will trade for colorful rics, sinularia, nepthia, colorful torch or hammer, or candycane frag.

I'll be around Sharkys right before the 1'oclock meeting then I'm going to Oceans Floor so I can meet up this weekend.

PM me if interested



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If DragonFish doesn't take it, then I'd be interested in buying it. I also have green hammer and candycane to trade as well.


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Hey Garren,

I should have updated this thing, it is spoken for.

I'll get a hold of you when the palys are ready, they are still small but will hopefully grow fast :)