Acan frags for sale


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It's time to thin out the herd a bit. I'm having trouble with my photos showing the true color of the frags. They're getting washed out blue by my MH lights. The true reds, greens, blues and purples are not very well seen in the photos. I don't know how to adjust white balance on my cell phone. I apologize ahead of time for the photo quality. I'll give accurate color description of each frag.
I can bring frags to the meeting this month or they can be picked up in Chaplin.






#1 $25, #2 $25, #3 $25, #4 $25 All 4 are green/olive and bright red centers

#5 $30 green with purple, #6 $30 green and purple stripes, #7 $30 bright green with purple center

#8 $40, #9 $40 (Ultra) Light purple with bright red center

#10 $25, light green with red/orange center

#11 $40, #12 $50, #13 $65 (Ultra) light purple and bright red stripes with bright red center


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If anything changes I will let you know

If anything changes I will let you know

Meeting should be fine