Acan help needed


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Hi all,

I have three colonies of acan's in my tank. I have had one for 2+ years, one is 4 months old and one about 2 weeks ago. Both the older colony and the newest addition are doing just fine. However, the one I have had for a few months has been a real pain.

It did fine for the first month or so, then I noticed some tissue loss. I then dipped it in MediCoral and bam back to big beautiful and happy, then about a week later it started to not look so good and wouldn't open all the way. Well, I have been through this dip process now 4 times. I dip it and get a week of it looking happy and healthy, then a week of concern before I dip again. I have tried 3 different locations in the tank, it is currently near my oldest colony which is happy, and its still stuck in this cycle. Any Ideas how to make him permanently happy?

Any help appreciated.