Accidentally Put Sun Coral In Really Low Salinity!


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God, I accidentally put my sun coral in a Tupperware filled with 1.010 salinity water for 10 to 15 minutes before realizing! The colony's been weak so I've been doing Tupperware feedings, but the stupid water had too low of salinity! I know it's hard to say for sure, but what's the likelihood of him surviving? I put him back in the proper salinity as soon as I realized.

I noticed because the amphipods started acting weird, and he wasn't slurping up the ReefRoids. When should I feed him again? I don't want him to get gut rot from him being too stressed to digest.
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Well, we do freshwater dips to remove parasites, so I'm going to say your coral will probably do fine. I'd feed again whenever you normally would.

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You think so? I've actually been crying since it happened thinking he was for sure going to die. If he's looking better tomorrow, I'll probably try to feed him around noon, then again in the evening to help him regain his strength. On a side note, my dad managed to smash the body of the new skimmer we bought a few months ago, so now we have to use our tiny backup skimmer >_>. Luckily our order of new nutrient and toxin removing supplies arrived yesterday.


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Thought I'd do an update. Sunny's fine and has been eating really well. I washed his skeleton with hydrogen peroxide and he smells a lot better (for some reason his skeleton got smelly a week or so ago). Unfortunately, the hydrogen peroxide somehow ended up getting bubbles inside the polyps, and I had to physically remove bubbles from a couple of polyps that had air underneath their digestive tissue, which caused tears. I've been feeding the injured polyps extra meals, hoping they'll heal faster.