Acclimating a mantis


I've got a 4 inch bright green mantis that is going in a well establish ten gallon tank.. I used to use it for curing, but it's pretty well empty with a bit of rock now.. nitrites are undetectable.

I'm just wondering on acclimation.. I was gonna give him a good amount of time like I would a shrimp, but I'm wondering if I should just stick him in sooner then later.. what do you guys think? I was gonna give him a couple hours adding water every 15 mins...
i just float the bag for 10 minutes and add a little bit of tank water every few minutes then let him in.
i havent had any losses and all are doing great but if their is a safer way i would like to know.
I gave him an hour and a half.. he immediately went to the back and dug up half the sand in the tank.. now the tank is too foggy to see.. I may switch to a thinker substrate soon.. He seems to be happy and active at least..