Acclimating corals to MH


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I'm installing a dual 250 watt canopy with dual 110 watt VHO's ...... last lighting was a pc fixture with a total of 390 watts. If I use the screen method of acclimating.... how many screens and for how long ? Is this better than just gradually increasing the lighting period? Thanks for any input on this.


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When I switched from pc to mh I ran my Mh's for 1 hour the first day then an additional 1 1/2 hours each day there after until I reached my desired 8 hours.


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Both methods work. IMO the screen may have the advantage, it doesn't mess with the photoperiod, just the intensity.

Be very carefull with frogspawn, torch, hammer family.....the will bleach easily. With new corals now you need to be aware of the intensity they are comming from and adjust there placment until they are acclimated. For instance if it is comming from a 400w system, no problem let go anywhere. If it is comming from a lower wattage system, place low and bring to final location slowly. Burned a lot when I upgraded myself