Acclimating to LED lighting

Mike de Leon

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Hello everyone,
Just a question about using LED. I am sure answer may be different depending on lighting system.
I have read many say that one needs to slowly ramp up light intensity over a certain period of time.
I have just picked up a 160 Watt Razor and have been using it for two weeks. I have used the 100 % setting in the program. It's on for about three hours or so. I never slowly acclimatized the tank thinking that I used to have 400 watt Radium halide with T5s over it.
So far, no adverse affect. Corals seem to be loving it.
It's been two weeks. I am afraid everything might suddenly go down the drain.
Any thoughts would be appreciated! Thank you!

Mike de Leon

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Images are not exactly as they appear!


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Looks like you are in the clear, if it was too high, you would have noticed some bleaching or color loss. Awesome tank btw !