ACIII setup "not responding" with AquaNotes Lite


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I'm trying to set up my new ACIII with the AquaNotes Lite.
I am not very good at computer networking, so please bear with me.

Connection is hardwired ethernet w/ the included ethernet cable to a DLink DI-624 Router. PC desktop is also hardwired to router.

The AquaNotes download was successfull, and the ACIII works on it's own, reading temp & pH ok. Even the time is correct.

I'm not trying to set up the web server, just would like to use it internally w/ PC with the router.

I am getting a "AquaController Not Responding" error msg on Status> ReefTank. Even after hitting "update" same error applies.

DLink DI-624 router settings:
DMZ off
Dynamic IP (Charter Communications cable modem)
AquaNotes settings:
Data Base> Tank Data Base> Config are:
Site: Direct PC
SN (entered correctly, double checked on ACIII self test)
Size 100
TCP (Aqua3)
ACIII settings
Admin login (blank)
Admin PW (blank)
http: 80
Email off
SMTP blank
Net startup menu
From Addrs (blank)
To Addrs (blank)
Any ideas to get the sotware to respond?



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Hi Doug,

Have you tried changing the cable? or try plugging the cable to another computer just to make sure the problem is not physical.

hope this helps.



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The IP address for the AquaController is incorrect. For you network it needs to be Change the IP address in setup->net setup->ip address, and then reboot the controller.



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I've entered and I am still getting the not responding error.

I also tried changing it in the AquaNotes Lite with the same new address and still get the error.

I've softbooted the ACIII Setup> NetSetup> Restart and also hardboot by removing the ac power plug. Nothing seemed to work.

Any other ideas?


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Use for the IP address (remove the leading zero), and it will work.



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I'm not finding a way to enter just .50 on the ACIII unit? The last three digits go from 000-255. I've also tried .500 and .005 none seem to work.

Sorry this is seaming so difficult, I'm sure I'll kick myself once it gets figured out.

TIA for all your assistance.


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You use the program editor to configure timer names, and setup the AquaController's program.
Follow the instructions in the AquaNotes help page to set up AquaNotes. Here they are:

Follow the configuration steps below to setup AquaNotes for a Ethernet connection (AC3, AC3PRO):

1. Select the menu choice 'Database->Tank Database'. Update the Serial field on this window with the serial number of the AquaController. The serial number of the AquaController can be found performing a self-test. The serial number that should be entered is shown on the bottom line of the AquaController's self-test display (Passed #WXYZ).

2. Also on the 'Tank Database' form choose the 'Config' tab. Select TCP (Aqua3) button. Enter the IP address, login, and password of the AquaController 3.

3. Now select the menu 'Status->Reef Tank'. You should get a window which displays the current status of the tank and the controlled devices. If you get a message 'AquaController not responding', something is not configured correctly. Re-check the cables, and the AquaNotes configuration which is described in the previous paragraph.

NOTE: You may have to restart AquaNotes before these configuration changes take affect.



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I have done all that but still getting a not responding error.

The SN in AquaNotes is correct.

For the login and password, I have these blank on both the ACIII and in AquaNotes. I wonder if this might be the problem? Are there any minimum number of characters to use. Can I just use "a" for login and also for the pw?

Sorry I'm sounding like a pain. Really appreciate your assistance.



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You must have a login name and a password. Set them up in the AquaController's setup->net setup menu, and then reboot the controller so that changes take effect. Yes, 1 character login/passwords will work.