ACjr? on Program code


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Hey all. I'm new to the ACjr.

I am going to have a few outlets left over on my DC8 that I'll be getting and was wanting to use one of them for my skimmer. I was wanting to have the skimmer run all the time except for when I feed DT's and Cyclop-eeze.

Looking through the Owner's Manual I learned how to program on/off cycles for Lights & heaters, but I didn't find anything that will tell me how to have a out let stay on %100 of the time.

I want to manually shut it off when I feed my frozen food from my computer with AquaNotes Lt.

I'm sure it's something simple but could someone write me that code?


Bri Guy

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If time 00:00 then SKM ON

If feed cycle then SKM OFF

should keep the skimmer on all the time except for when you press the feed cycle.