Acjr Vs Rkl3


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Here is a quick summary of advantages of the Jr.

More flexible control/configuration.
Temperature compensation on pH probe.
Seasonal lighting variation.
Seasonal Temperature variation.
Data logging.
Compatible with AquaSurf for Tunze Stream pump control.
Computer Interface
datalogs can be stored, graphed. Controller configured through AquaNotes.
With the full version of AquaNotes email alarms and webserver functionality.
Time tested. Proven bug free design.



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It used to be reefkeeper2 comes included with really nice myReef software. but it does not work with rkl, so that makes rkl essentially an isolated, non remote acessible controller. IMHO, a big value added to a controller is ability to access and control remotely from the internet, otherwise, a basic timer can do most job for a lot less. even if rkl is able to use the net option, it will be at an additional cost, compare to free web access software available for ac jr. ;)


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thanks guys for the INFO since the RKL is new still I bet there gonna have some bugs that need to be worked out.. ACJR it is.