Acro eating flatworms after montipora?


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About a month ago i decided to buy my first acro. He started bleaching out after a few weeks of being in my tank. After it died i took it out and put it in its own container of water to look at it, and there were all of these little brown black flatworms on it that i thought were acro eating flat worms. I read that AEFW's take a month or two to die off with no acros, so i figured i could wait. A couple of weeks later i picked up a montipora frag, and now I notice the same type of thing on the montipora, and he is starting to bleach a little bit. Little tiny dark dots slithering from polyp to polyp. What are these? What can i do to get rid of them?

thanks for your help.


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are you talking about the red planaria? I have had them in my tank for over a year and never had any problems. yes they can be a pain to look at but they have never bothered anything.