acro eating flatworms/red bugs??


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hey everyone.

So lately my polyps on my SPS have not been coming out and now on the bottom side of a small piece of red planet that encrusting very well on a rock is starting to lose its color and the bottom side under that doesnt get any light is starting to white out

thats the only sps that has lost any color though. all the other sps still have there color and are not whiting out. their polyps just arent out.

also my zoas dont really open up to well anymore or 1 of my 6 mini colonies will be closed up but then it will open up and a different group of zoas will close up.

ive got something but not sure what I will investigate more and let you know what I find

any ideas though?!?!?


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I don't have a camera that could take that good of pictures.

I dipped two of my corals that I suspected of definitely having them and could really tell much. So I left the dip water in the container and I'm going to look at it when stuff settles to the bottom