Acro frags $15-30 range


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Growing under 250w 14k hamilton and xho strips. I have small areas of bryopsis in my system and some aiptasia as well. Buyer beware. These were cut 2 days ago, so fresh cuts. Not vaccinated, curbside pickup I'll wear a mask. You want to see the tank, sorry not wearing a mask in my own house.

Prices are for frags pictured on frag rack. Colony pictures for reference
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Named pieces:

Reef Pet's UV: Medium $20 / Small $15
rru rainbowblossum-43

Jason Fox Flame: $30 (2 available)
rru rainbowblossum-27

Tank Cultured pieces. Been in my system for 2 years + grown from frags

red polyps, red, blue/purplish growth rim: $20
rru rainbowblossum-42

Purplish with yellow coralites. Long needle polyps : $15
rru rainbowblossum-49

Bright lime green acro. Has gold hues under blues : $15 I need to get a picture of the colony still.