acro health


I am having a hard time determining if my first acro frags are doing well. They have been in the tank for 1 week, all levels are great, under 250 14k mh, with very good water movement. I have yet to see any PE, how do you know if they are doing alright, what do I look for? This is my first try at sps I have been mostly softies and lps for 5 years.
not able to post pics. Any help would be great
thanks chris

Charlie Davidson

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Just my opinion, so please do not jump me people... But, if they are doing very bad they lose color very quickly and turn white. if doing just so-so they turn brown. if doing OK they keep color. if doing well they keep color and you see PE.

Charlie Davidson

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A few of mine have grow fast and thrive, and during the daylight hours I have never seen PE... "Hears the big BUT" --- They do have PE at night!


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I agree. One of my acros has PE during the lights on period, but the other one never extends them out until lights go off.
Strange indeed.