Acro skin peeling off.. not RTN/STN


The Clown Tang Keeper!
I've seen both RTN and STN and this is neither as far as I can tell. The skin is "peeling" off, along with the polyps. Theres only about a 2 cm section thats peeled up, its still connected by skin to the rest of the acro and is flapping around a lil, the polyps are still conected to the skin too.

Anybody got any ideas?

There's no fish that I know of picking at the coral.. The rest of the acro has full PE..

I'm going to do a 20% wc tomorrow just in case..


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that happen to me witha millie and a WT blue tinctorius.though this happend a day after shipping..:mad:
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The Clown Tang Keeper!
Colony got moved from a long established tank about 2 weeks ago. Colored up nicely under the leds and has been acting normal..

I haven't tested the params in a lil, i'll try to do it tomorrow. I do a 20% change every week. My alk usually stays right at 9 and my cal is somewhere around 400