Acropora id, please...


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I received this acro as a freebie frag in a purchase... It started off like this...


A tiny pale brown stick about 1/2 an inch long. It has now turned into this...

It is obviously no longer a tiny pale brown stick. I think it would've been bigger, but I made the mistake of keeping it in my Biocube for a spell and then I adjusted the LED lighting. It wasn't doing all that well, so I then decided to move it to my Halide 8g. Now THAT is the tank for sps!. It has flourished, but still has some catching up to do. It is a slightly darker green in person. Polyps are brownish?

I appreciate it. So far, it's been dubbed "mystery acro" by my friends. :)



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Still pretty small to ID. Maybe bring a pic back when the corallites and branches start to develop a more define structure. All I can say now is that it is a green Acropora.