Acrylic buffing compound ?


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Just want to know what compound works best and where to buy it. Also any tips or tricks that anyone might know would be appreciated.


Rotate 180 degrees
I got mine at rc. It's a 3 step system, but I forgot what it's called exactly. But if u go in and talk to skip he will walk u thru the steps, u do have to buff in certain directions yo get good results.


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Novus for fine straches...for deeper straches, determine if you need a sand paper type fabric. run your nails through it, if you can feel it, you will need the fabric. rc might have that too.

take your time to ensure all straches are take out. dont want to rush.
for bigger area for fine straches, you can get a circular buffer kit from home depot that can be use with your drill (use that with the novus).

I used this method 5 yrs ago, so there might be something new in the market I dont know about... hope this helps


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protip: When your working down to finer grains of paper go at a different angle with each grit. Makes it much simpler to see when all the marks from the last grit are out. By the time you're done shouldn't be anything but the finest grit marks left in the surface.


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I some micro-mesh discs left over from buffing my 375 they are from 1500 all the way up to 12000 grit a few of each still in their packaging if you want them.