Acrylic buffing


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Can anyone on here buff my 40gal acrylic tank? It has a lot of micro scratches on it. Thanks a lot.


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Go to Home Depot and get a random directional buffer ($20) and go to MS and get some Novus (white bottle, they know) and buff it out. Will be cheaper in the long run for you.


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That's A LOT cheaper than anyplace you could buy it around here... at least that I know of.


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Besides Novus for polishing I use Brillianize for routine cleaning once a week:

One tip: dried salt will scratch acrylic so never wipe the tank with a dry cloth. Dried up water drops will leave salt crystals that will create micro scratches.
Use a spray bottle to spray plenty RO/DI water and use a soft towel to clean it, then apply the brillianize or similar plastic cleaner.


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better tip for polishing acrylic tanks: don't.
it sucks!

i mean if you are set on it, go for it. but man it sure sucks.


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i also read that you need a low rpm buffer.
if you buff too fast, it will start to melt the acrylic....


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This will take a lot of patience but it can be done. Whatever you decide to do just take your time and test it first.

The overflow is done...

If you want to try it the tank is in my closet. My wife is leaving early in the morning on Saturday so she could give you the tank some time tomorow afternoon...

Give me a call if you would like me to arrange for pickup...


BTW: It's freaking 72F and raining in Orlando. How freaking lucky am I. LOL